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From being a session musician and a songwriter to becoming a producer, mixing engineer and owner of Fabriken Studios, Thomas Larsen combines these trades when working with his clients.


Having been involved with the music business since the age of 19, Thomas has written, produced and mixed songs in multiple genres spanning from Pop and Rock to Country and Americana.





The three rules of songwriting... The song comes first, the song comes first and the song comes first! We can help out with that.

Tracking & Producing:

This process is crucial to the song. That comes first.. Fortunately, we have some great studios and rooms to choose from and can provide some nice homelike ambience for the artists.





That is Mr. Cadhuleras job. Write to us and we´ll provide you some information on his whereabouts..





We also do that. We usually mix our own clients productions to keep the budgets as low as we can, but we also do outside work. Write to us and let us know how we can help you.


What a great guy Thomas is! Fantastic ideas and great coaching for my upcomming EP. Thanks for the superb job you and superdrummer Tim did on my record. This may not be that last I will work with you. Cheers! - Ole Martin Iversen


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